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Hometown Homegrown, Where We Ate All Of The Things

Achievement: #65. 5 Wildcards

One of our favorite yearly Pittsburgh events is Hometown Homegrown. We had a blast sampling all the local goodies and especially checking out the butchering demonstration from North Woods Ranch & Marty’s Market! Continue reading

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A Tour Of The Historic Carrie Furnace Site

Achievement: #38. Wildcard - Carrie Furnace Hard Hat Tour

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, chances are, the mills were somehow a part of your life. If you didn’t have immediate family working in them, you probably had family who had once worked there and likely been laid off … Continue reading

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Shearing Da Beard With Donnie Iris And The Diesel

Achievement: #23. Wildcard - Shear Da Beard

Each year that we’ve done this list, we’ve consistently run into a particular problem: new events pop up throughout the year that we’d love to cover for the blog, but once the New Year hits, it’s too late to add … Continue reading

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