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The Great Greenfield Bridge Implosion Of 2015

Achievement: #89. Watch the Greenfield Bridge Implosion

We had to sneak one last post in from 2015 — because we can’t very well get a do-over on the implosion of the Greenfield Bridge, now, can we? Check out our chronicle of the early-and-cold morning, plus a video of the collapse! Continue reading


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Why On Earth Is It So Hard To Actually Finish A Puzzle?

Achievement: #89. Do the Pittsburgh Skyline Puzzle

It’s easy to start a puzzle. It’s easy to leave one half-assembled upon your table for months on end. But actually finishing a puzzle? It took us four years of procrastination, but we’ve finally found the time! Continue reading

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Scenes From The Snowpocalypse

Achievement: #88. Dance inappropriately in 8 Pittsburgh locations | #89. Take pictures in the snow

I am a winter person. Michael puts up with my winter-love, although as he is Chief Shoveler, I don’t think he has quite the same affinity. That being said, we spent a year and a half in Southern California, where … Continue reading

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