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Just A Short Run

Achievement: #24. JASR

After a winter of outdoor training, Fox takes on her very first half-marathon. How’d she do? Find out here! Continue reading


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A Cocktail For Every Season: Back To The Earth

Achievement: #82. Invent One Cocktail Per Season

This year, we’re attempting to create one new cocktail for each season. First up is winter, and we’re coming at you with a beet-infused spin on the Blood and Sand that we call…Back to the Earth. Continue reading

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The Phipps Winter Flower Show

Achievement: #16. See 2 Phipps Flower Shows

Sometimes, pictures say even more than words. Come view our photo blog of the Phipps Winter Flower Show! Continue reading


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Pittsburgh 2014 First Night

Achievement: #17. First Night

Nothing starts the New Year off quite like Pittsburgh’s annual First Night Celebration! Check out the stabby-good-time that was the start of 2014! Continue reading


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Scenes From The Snowpocalypse

Achievement: #88. Dance inappropriately in 8 Pittsburgh locations | #89. Take pictures in the snow

I am a winter person. Michael puts up with my winter-love, although as he is Chief Shoveler, I don’t think he has quite the same affinity. That being said, we spent a year and a half in Southern California, where … Continue reading

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