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Our California Holiday: Touring The Lompoc Wine Ghetto

Achievement: #90. Lompoc Wine Ghetto

We continue our California excursion with a brief tour of a fun, wine-filled locale: the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, an industrial park that is chock-full of top-notch tasting rooms. We only got to a small sampling, so take a look and then plot your own trek! Continue reading

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We Would Die 4 A Prince Movie Marathon

Achievement: #90. Prince Movie Marathon

This year, our main movie-related achievement was to watch all three Prince movies in a row, with cocktails to match each one. What were the highlights? What were the lowlights? Come and find out! Continue reading

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Go, Go, Go To A Late Night Show (At Club Cafe)

Achievement: #90. Club Cafe Late Show

If you want to take a chance on some new-to-you music, checking out the late show at Club Cafe is a pretty safe and inexpensive way to do so. For the price of only $8 a head, we were able to see two new bands last month. Here’s a recap of the Driftwood show, featuring local duo The Wreckids. Continue reading

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A Movie Date At the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In

Achievement: #90. Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-ins have recently come back in Pittsburgh, and we actually have ones that are open year-round (although I presume they closed during the Snowpocalypse). Neither of us had been to a drive-in movie since we were little, and we wanted … Continue reading

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