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Around The (Cocktail) World In 31 Days: Leg Third & Final

Achievement: #44. 31 Cocktails in 31 Days

At last, we complete the circle and share the final stretch of our May home cocktail challenge. Each day in May, we crafted a classic or original cocktail at home; here’s the third and final round of results! Continue reading

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In Which I Invent A Cocktail Under The Watchful Eyes Of Tim Curry

Achievement: #51. Make a Buzzsaw Martini

It’s been said that the hardest part of creating a cocktail is finding the perfect name for it. So we worked backwards: we invented a great drink name, and then figured out what ingredients it required. Through a long night of trial and (mostly) error, the Buzzsaw Martini was born. Continue reading

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Downtown Restaurant Warriors: Tonic

Achievement: #45. Try 10 House Specialty Drinks | #67. 10 Downtown Restaurants

Sometimes, an Achievement takes you by surprise. Like, you’re out, and you’re enjoying a gallery crawl, and you’re like… daaaaaaaaang I’m hungry. This is how we found ourselves at Tonic Bar and Grill (well, that, and Michael telling me I’m … Continue reading

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