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Our West Coast Wine Night

Achievement: #51. Host a Wine Tasting Class

We love wine, and we want our friends to love wine, too. So, we took it upon ourselves to organize a night of wine tasting and education. (Mainly wine tasting, though.) Here’s how it turned out! Continue reading

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CSA Spectacular: Turning Roots & Tubers Into Gourmet Treats

Achievement: #51. CSA Cooking

Our January CSAs loaded our pantry with all sorts of roots and tubers. Luckily, we were able to find a lot of ways to prepare interesting, healthy meals and sides that incorporated these ground-grown delights. Check out the results (and a few pro-tips) here! Continue reading

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In Which I Invent A Cocktail Under The Watchful Eyes Of Tim Curry

Achievement: #51. Make a Buzzsaw Martini

It’s been said that the hardest part of creating a cocktail is finding the perfect name for it. So we worked backwards: we invented a great drink name, and then figured out what ingredients it required. Through a long night of trial and (mostly) error, the Buzzsaw Martini was born. Continue reading

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In Which Michael Is The Only Man Attending The New Kids On The Block – Backstreet Boys Show

Achievement: #51. See NKOTB and BSB!

Well, my fellow Yinzers, it’s official. I have seen the same group live in concert in both the 80s and the roaring 20-teens (if someone knows what we’re supposed to be calling this decade, please inform me, because I’m lost). … Continue reading


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A Year Of Moviegoing, Round One: Comedy, Horror, And All That’s Between

Achievement: #51. Continue attempting to watch John Cusack movies | #71. See 20 movies in the theater

Michael loves movies, and will sit through pretty much any movie that’s out (including things that only I could ever love, like Beverly Hills Chihuahua). This year, he wanted to ensure we would see a sizeable amount of movies, since … Continue reading

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