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I Have A Fever And The Only Cure Is More Lighthouse

Achievement: #38. Piedras Blancas Lighthouse

After many years of near misses, we finally got to do a tour of the lighthouse located at Piedras Blancas in San Simeon, CA. And now you can follow us as we guide you through it! Continue reading

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Kinzua: We Look Into The Abyss

Achievement: #15. Kinzua Bridge

We took a day trip up into the Allegheny National Forest to see the wreckage of the Kinzua Bridge. It’s a downright awe-inspiring sight, and a testament to the power of nature. Check it out! Continue reading


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A Pleasant Detour To Hopewell Furnace

Achievement: #69. Get 2 National Parks Passport Stamps

While en route to a winter weekend in Atlantic City, we saw signs for a historical site we’d never heard of. So, we took a quick detour and ended up spending a couple hours perusing the *totally awesome* Hopewell Furnace iron plantation. Continue reading

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The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum: A Tour In Pictures

Achievement: #59. Go to the Sports Museum

We took a brief tour through Pittsburgh sports history with the help of the Heinz History Center, and we’ve come to bring you a report on it. Check it out! Continue reading

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A Tour Of The Historic Carrie Furnace Site

Achievement: #38. Wildcard - Carrie Furnace Hard Hat Tour

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, chances are, the mills were somehow a part of your life. If you didn’t have immediate family working in them, you probably had family who had once worked there and likely been laid off … Continue reading

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Cake From The Funnel (And Illegal Photography) At Penn’s Colony

Achievement: #87. Go to Penn’s Colony

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the three years we’ve been doing our Achievements list, it’s that things are not always as magical as we expect them to be. Occasionally, coffeeshops don’t list their winter hours when they should. … Continue reading


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A Visit To Historic Fort George

Achievement: #70. See Something Historic

I admit, when I first came up with this Achievement, I was hopefully remembering our drive through Gettysburg on the way to our friends’ Lancaster wedding back in 2009. It’s a cute little town, with lots of things to see, … Continue reading

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A Happy Walk Down Memory Lane At Old Economy

Achievement: #14. Take Michael to Old Economy

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you probably remember visiting historic Old Economy at some point during elementary school. You probably remember thinking it was going to be some lame old boring educational place, and then finding yourself oddly fascinated … Continue reading

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