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Pub Golf: A New Beginning

Achievement: #18. Pub Golf – A New Beginning

Once a year, Fox and I host a multi-neighborhood, half-marathon-length bar crawl all over the city. We present the debauchery and fun of…Pub Golf 5! Continue reading

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Blogger Brunch @ Meat & Potatoes

Achievement: #20. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter)

We joined a bunch of our fellow bloggers for a special brunch at Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh’s Theater District. This meal had a great ensemble cast: short-rib hash, chicken and waffles, and mix-em-yourself Bloody Marys. Plus, a star-making turn by Raspberry Potato Donuts!!!! Read the review here. Continue reading

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“Shakesburgh” by Bricolage: A Must-See

Achievement: #95. Attend 3 Small-Venue Shows

Hey yinz guys! Lookin for somethin to do to hold you over until the next Buccos game? Go dahntahn, get yerself a nice meal at Sammy’s, then walk up the street to Bricolage and see some real cultured stuff at Shakesburgh n’at! Continue reading


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We Seen It In The City Paper: Midnight Radio With Bricolage

Achievement: #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper

(Guys! You get a rare treat! My husband wrote an entry!! I couldn’t make it out to this fantastic event, so he went on his own to make sure it was covered. And so that it counted for an Achievement, … Continue reading

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