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Our California Holiday: We Scale The Ontario Ridge Trail

Achievement: #39. Ontario Ridge Trail

All of our gorging on food and wine while we’re out west has to be justified somehow; that’s where the hiking comes in. Here is a tour of one of our favorite spots: the steep but scenic Ontario Ridge Trail. Let us show you the way! Continue reading

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Page Dairy Mart: Believe The Hype

Achievement: #39. Visit 3 Ice Cream Stands

On a recent summer’s eve, we made a stop at a little out-of-the-way gem known as the Page Dairy Mart. Just how good was the soft-serve? Read along and find out. Continue reading


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Scaling Bishop Peak

Achievement: #39. Hike a Volcanic Plug

Take a trip with us back to the spring, when we hiked to the top of Bishop Peak, a 1500 foot tall volcanic plug in the Central Coast! Continue reading

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We Return To Timmy Nolan’s

Achievement: #39. Spend an Evening at Timmy Nolan’s

If you’ve read any bit of this blog, or know us in person, you know that we did not exactly get along with Los Angeles. This isn’t to say that our year-and-a-half stint in California was a total bust, of … Continue reading

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Freaks, Frog Legs & Killer Beer: Our Coney Island Adventure

Achievement: #39. Coney Island

This achievement almost didn’t happen. We had been planning to go to Coney on the hottest day of the week we were in New York (it was that West Coast mentality of, ‘it’s too hot in the Valley, let’s go … Continue reading

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