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A Random Train Trip To NYC

Achievement: #45. Mini Train Vacation Getaway

Last year, we had a train trip that Lemony Snicket couldn’t have topped. The result was a sizable credit from Amtrak, which we finally got to use to take a train trip to New York City, to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Check out the results! Continue reading

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Freaks, Frog Legs & Killer Beer: Our Coney Island Adventure

Achievement: #39. Coney Island

This achievement almost didn’t happen. We had been planning to go to Coney on the hottest day of the week we were in New York (it was that West Coast mentality of, ‘it’s too hot in the Valley, let’s go … Continue reading

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Achievement: #36. One word: Tiffany’s!!

While in New York, it would have been a travesty to skip a journey to Tiffany’s, so we put it on the list to make sure we didn’t have any excuses. It was ridiculously hot, and the store was insanely … Continue reading

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Our Fake Central Park Engagement

Achievement: #35. Pretend to get engaged in Central Park

As one of the sillier things on our list, we decided to pretend to have a fancy Central Park engagement while we were in NYC. It was hot and muggy, and we were frantically hopping from one end of the … Continue reading


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Our Very Carrie Bradshaw NYC Trip

Achievement: #33. Have a very Carrie Bradshaw NYC trip

When we planned our trip to NYC at the end of May, it was random chance that it was the week the second Sex and the City movie was coming out. But as soon as we found out, I was … Continue reading

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