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In Which We Leap All Over Pittsburgh On Leap Day

Achievement: #5. Leap Day Leaping

A couple weeks before the big lockdown, we took to the streets to celebrate Leap Day. How does one celebrate Leap Day, you wonder? Well…we assumed it was by leaping. So that’s what we did, all over Pittsburgh. Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Nature Dancing

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

We clear a bit more of the backlog with a slightly overdue inappropriate dancing post. To make up for it, we did *way* more inappropriate dancing than usual! Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Dance Party At Make Night

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

On the final Friday of each month, you’ll either find Fox dancing inappropriately in public, or Michael posing like a statue. Earlier this month, we gathered some friends to stage a super-sized inappropriate dance moment at Make Night at the Children’s Museum. Continue reading

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An Urban Hike Through Marshall-Shadeland

Achievement: #5. Urban Hike

Pittsburgh itself is quite a walkable city, but we also have a ton of suburbs and residential city areas that are also quite explorable. And in the ‘Burgh, we’ve got a great group that is trying to bring the lesser-known areas of town to everyone: Urban Hike. Continue reading

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Picnic Time At Hartwood Acres

Achievement: #5. Have a picnic in the summer

Being the ever-efficient people we are, we managed to combine two Achievements into one night. While we went to Hartwood Acres for a concert, we also packed a delicious picnic dinner to share! Here is our delicious spread, with goat … Continue reading

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