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A Visit With Pancake The Mini Cow And More

Achievement: #88. Visit the Mini Cow at Living Treasures

Looking for one last outdoor excursion this fall? Take a trip down to Living Treasures Animal Park in Donegal. You’ll pat and feed some adorable animals, and perhaps get glared at by a hipster mini cow! Continue reading


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Pumpkin Patches (And More) At Triple B Farms

Achievement: #94. Pumpkin Patch

We took a trip down to Elizabeth to visit Triple B Farms — and boy, was this place adorable! It had a great pumpkin patch, tasty jams and jellies in the gift shop, and also a ton of fun pumpkin sculptures! Take a tour with us. Continue reading

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Pig Races ‘N Funnel Cake Dahn The Fayette County Fair*

Achievement: #25. Fayette County Fair

We’re typically North people; we grew up north of Pittsburgh, we stay north of the Ft. Pitt tunnels, and we usually go north for our county fair fix. But this year we went south, way down to the Fayette County Fair. And even with disastrous weather, it was quite a good time! Continue reading


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The Many Seals Of Piedras Blancas

Achievement: #2. Visit 2 National Monuments | #41. Piedras Blancas

Sometimes, our achievements don’t go as planned. (Okay, a *lot* of times.) This is the story of our trip-that-never-was to Piedras Blancas, and the rookery of adorable, floppy-finned mammals that came to our day’s rescue. Continue reading

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In Which A Reindeer Snots On Fox

Achievement: #9. Pet animals at Living Treasures

Achievement #9 is another favorite childhood experience that I wanted to share with my husband. He had never been to Living Treasures Animal Park (and truthfully, despite there being two in the Pittsburgh area, not a lot of people actually … Continue reading


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