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We Finally Dine At Gaucho

Achievement: #9. Finally Go to Gaucho

Several years behind schedule, we finally joined the ranks of people who have had a wonderful dinner at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina. Come take a culinary tour of epic proportions! Continue reading

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In Which Michael (Literally) Sings The Praises of The Hoss’s Salad Bar

Achievement: #9. Michael Goes to Hoss's

Fox loves Hoss’s; Michael’s never been. But last night, all was made right in the world. How much did Michael enjoy the Hoss’s Salad Bar? Check out the interview (and the song break). Continue reading


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The Magical Views At Ragged Point

Achievement: #9. Big Sur

One of the most magical places on earth is Ragged Point in Big Sur. We were fortunate enough to visit it and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Continue reading

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Feats Of Strength: The Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon & Drinking Game

Achievement: #2. Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon/Drinking Game | #9. Use Our Popcorn Maker and Creme Brulee Maker

If you were reading our blog last year, you probably remember our elaborate Van Damme Movie Marathon, complete with different foods to match each movie, and super creative Photoshop works of art that I made to make my husband look … Continue reading

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The Great Crème Brûlée Fail Of 2011

Achievement: #9. Use Our Popcorn Maker and Creme Brulee Maker

If you’ve never done a wedding registry, I sadly must inform you that you’re missing out. Of all of the parts of planning a wedding that happen, doing the registry is one of the most fun. It’s certainly more fun … Continue reading

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In Which A Reindeer Snots On Fox

Achievement: #9. Pet animals at Living Treasures

Achievement #9 is another favorite childhood experience that I wanted to share with my husband. He had never been to Living Treasures Animal Park (and truthfully, despite there being two in the Pittsburgh area, not a lot of people actually … Continue reading


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