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Drive, Bike, Run Out To Vivo Kitchen In Sewickley

Achievement: #4. Suburb Dinner Feature | #70. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

At least once every Restaurant Week, we like to stretch a bit and travel outside the city limits for a meal. This time we tried Vivo in Sewickley…and it would have been worth the trip even on foot! This place did nothing but impress; come closer and take a look! Continue reading

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Get Your Fill With A Stellar Meal At Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room

Achievement: #70. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

We think we’re pretty well keyed in to what’s happening in the Pittsburgh food scene, but sometimes things slip by. We’d never heard of Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room before, but after dinner there this Restaurant Week, you can rest assured we’ll be back! Check it out. Continue reading

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Willow, A Hidden North Hills Gem

Achievement: #20. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter) | #4. Suburb Dinner Feature

Looking for a final dinner spot for Restaurant Week? Consider Willow, a North Hills restaurant with great food and cocktails that is still accepting Sunday reservations. Read on to see what’s on the menu! Continue reading

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Magnificent Meal At The Capital Grille

Achievement: #76. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

We wrap up our whirlwind of a Restaurant Week with a visit to The Capital Grille, a great spot in downtown Pittsburgh. We had a downright magical time; check out our report and see if it’s right for you! Continue reading

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A Happy Return To The Carlton

Achievement: #76. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

Our Restaurant Week is off to a great start after a delicious dinner at the Carlton Restaurant downtown. Excellent wine pairings and some of the finest dessert in the city of Pittsburgh await – read on for more details! Continue reading

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10,000 Tables: The January Wrap-Up

Achievement: #25. Participate in 10,000 Tables (Monthly Report)

This year, we’ve decided to embark on the 10,000 Tables challenge, with a goal of sitting down to 2 homecooked meals together per week. Here’s our wrap-up of how January went! Continue reading

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Bone Marrow And More At Root 174

Achievement: #30. Eat at Every Regent Square Restaurant | #45. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter)

File Friday night’s meal under ‘why on earth haven’t we gone here yet?’ We made a Restaurant Week visit to a foodie’s piece of Heaven, Root 174 in Regent Square. Continue reading

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In Which Pittsburgh’s Avenue B Earns An A+

Achievement: #28. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

Well, I know I promised two entries yesterday, but after we got home from dinner, I was hard at work making our little princess dog her very own blog. (Yes, I’m now one of those crazy dog parents who make … Continue reading

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The Elaborate Monthly: Filet Mignon And Curried Potatoes

Achievement: #34. Have One New Elaborate Homecooked Meal a Month

For our June dinner, we returned to the grill. We managed to snag a great deal on filet mignon at Kuhn’s, and picked up a whole bunch of it for $7.99 a pound! Honestly, I wish we’d picked up even … Continue reading


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Thanks, Groupon! A Discounted Evaluation Of Pittsburgh Rare

Achievement: #93. Use 10 Groupons or Living Socials

I will admit, it took me a little while to get excited about our fourth Groupon. We had this one sitting on hold until almost its final days before we finally decided to use it, all because I was being … Continue reading

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