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Pressing Reset At First Night 2017

Achievement: #15. First Night

On December 31st, we bid adieu to the trash fire that was 2016, and welcomed 2017 with eager arms at First Night in downtown Pittsburgh. Between the drinks, the dance parties, the laser bridges, and the fireworks show, it was a pretty auspicious start! Come have a look. Continue reading


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Kicking Off 2016 At Pittsburgh’s First Night

Achievement: #15. First Night

We fell a little off-track with the posting in 2015, but this year we’re kicking things off right with a post about Pittsburgh’s First Night celebrations. Come have a look! Continue reading

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Pittsburgh 2014 First Night

Achievement: #17. First Night

Nothing starts the New Year off quite like Pittsburgh’s annual First Night Celebration! Check out the stabby-good-time that was the start of 2014! Continue reading


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First Night? More Like Best Night!

Achievement: #65. Pittsburgh First Night

Well, there’s nothing I like more than starting off a new year on the right track. And in this case, we started our year off by completing an Achievement the moment the clock turned to midnight (yes, I know, we … Continue reading


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Is It Summer In Pittsburgh? Then You Gotta Regatta

Achievement: #85. Actually Get to Go to the Regatta!!!!

Outside of Pittsburgh, the phrase, ‘you gotta Regatta!’ may not mean much, but here in the city, it’s an important three-word statement that means it’s officially summer in the ‘Burgh. The Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta is now held over the … Continue reading

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