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Cake From The Funnel (And Illegal Photography) At Penn’s Colony

Achievement: #87. Go to Penn’s Colony

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the three years we’ve been doing our Achievements list, it’s that things are not always as magical as we expect them to be. Occasionally, coffeeshops don’t list their winter hours when they should. … Continue reading


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Wednesday Wine Flights With The Great Pete Hanowich

Achievement: #47. Go to a Wednesday Wine Flight Class

Well, my dear readers, I’m going to have to admit something to you here: my husband and I may be the very tiniest bit of wine snobs. Okay. Maybe that wasn’t something new that I’m admitting. Maybe anybody who has … Continue reading


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Just Ducky Tour: Just Take One, Already!

Achievement: #7. Just Ducky Tour

If you’ve ever been in downtown Pittsburgh during the day, you’ve probably seen the duckboats. They’re only boats part of the time, when they’re actually on the river. The rest of the time, they’re duck-shaped vehicles navigating the streets of … Continue reading


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Taters & Harp Lager At The Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Achievement: #14. Go to the Pittsburgh Irish Festival | #33. See 4 New Bands Live

Since we conquered the Folk Festival last year, it seemed only fitting to this year take on Pittsburgh’s next big ethnic fair, the Pittsburgh Irish Festival. The Irish Festival runs on a weekend in September, which unfortunately happened to be … Continue reading


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Highs And Lows At Cook Forest

Achievement: #79. Weekend at Cook’s Forest

Well, I’d be lying, if I said we had a really successful, wonderful weekend in Cook Forest that made us get in touch with nature and relive our shadowy past as Druids who lived in the woods and cared for … Continue reading

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We Attempt To Scale A Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub Two-Pounder

Achievement: #28. Take Pictures of a Silly Mascot in 10 Famous Places | #59. Split a Huge Burger at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

Well, we are home from our attempt at ‘roughing it’ out in Cook Forest this weekend. There will be plenty more in terms of details about our adventures, but first, allow me to bring you one of the rare successes … Continue reading


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The Elaborate Monthly: Pork Chop Sauté With Peaches

Achievement: #34. Have One New Elaborate Homecooked Meal a Month

Funnily enough, we made our August meal waaaaaaay back in the beginning of August… and it took me until September to post about it. My bad! However, this August, I decided to make a homecooked meal not only for my … Continue reading

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