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A Trip To Cleveland For All Things Rock N Roll

Achievement: #85. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

As we race to close the books on our 2018 posts, come with us on a trip to scenic, exotic Cleveland, where we toured the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! Continue reading


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Let Your Imagination Ride The Rails At WPMRM

Achievement: #74. See a Miniature Railroad

To close out the year, we took a trip a little north of the city to visit the Western PA Model Railroad Museum. Spoiler alert: it’s totally awesome! Take a quick tour with us, and then make a trek out yourself before the season ends. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Missions

Achievement: #97. California Mission Photography

In other throwback post, we recap our springtime tour of a couple of the old Spanish missions in the Central Coast of California. Check out the sights! Continue reading


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A Festive Fiestaware Factory Tour

Achievement: #80. Visit the Fiestaware Factory

In yet another achievement inspired by the documentaries of Pittsburgh icon Rick Sebak, we trek west out to Newell, WV to take a factory tour at the Homer Laughlin China Company — aka, the makers of Fiestaware! Check out the rainbow-colored results! Continue reading


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For History And Whiskey, Wiggle Down To Wigle

Achievement: #19. Wigle Whiskey

Like whiskey? Like history? Like to buy local? If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these, check out Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey and their awesome weekly Distillery Tour. As you’ll see here, we had a great time — and we’re sure you will, too. Continue reading


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The Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise

Achievement: #15. Locks & Dams Tour

Take a ride with us on a unique Pittsburgh river tour: the Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise! On this little jaunt we enjoyed dinner, drinks, dancing, and dams (as well as locks, but you know…alliteration and all). Continue reading

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A Tour Of The Historic Carrie Furnace Site

Achievement: #38. Wildcard - Carrie Furnace Hard Hat Tour

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, chances are, the mills were somehow a part of your life. If you didn’t have immediate family working in them, you probably had family who had once worked there and likely been laid off … Continue reading

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Just Ducky Tour: Just Take One, Already!

Achievement: #7. Just Ducky Tour

If you’ve ever been in downtown Pittsburgh during the day, you’ve probably seen the duckboats. They’re only boats part of the time, when they’re actually on the river. The rest of the time, they’re duck-shaped vehicles navigating the streets of … Continue reading


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