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Hometown Homegrown, Where We Ate All Of The Things

Achievement: #65. 5 Wildcards

One of our favorite yearly Pittsburgh events is Hometown Homegrown. We had a blast sampling all the local goodies and especially checking out the butchering demonstration from North Woods Ranch & Marty’s Market! Continue reading

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First Night? More Like Best Night!

Achievement: #65. Pittsburgh First Night

Well, there’s nothing I like more than starting off a new year on the right track. And in this case, we started our year off by completing an Achievement the moment the clock turned to midnight (yes, I know, we … Continue reading


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Our Very Special Rick Sebak Cocktail Night

Achievement: #53. Watch 2 Rick Sebak Documentaries | #65. 4 Theme Drink Nights

Two weekends ago, in celebration of some weather that actually felt like Pittsburgh in December, we decided to have a what we referred to as Winter Yinzer Fest. Although we didn’t put a chair in a parking space or anything … Continue reading


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Our Extreme Weather-Themed Drink Night (with embarrassing video!)

Achievement: #16. Watch Michael’s Favorite Movies | #65. 4 Theme Drink Nights

You know when people say, ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?’ Well, surely you will remember last week when I was talking about how much I love earthquakes and kind of sort of miss them. … Continue reading


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The End Of The World In Cocktails

Achievement: #65. 4 Theme Drink Nights

So, as I’m sitting here typing to our loyal fans, and not staked out in my basement with a shotgun and a can of zombie-proof roach spray (I presume the repellents necessary for both are related), I’m sure it’s evident … Continue reading


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